How to CarbonLoop

1. Sort your recyclables

We need your help! Segregation from the start will reduce contamination rates and maintain marketability of the recyclable commodities.

Beverage Containers

Sort and bag your recyclables by container type.

Cardboard Boxes

Collapse and flatten cardboard boxes and place them in your largest box.

2. Request for pick up

With the CarbonLoop Mobile app, simply select the recyclables that you have ready for pickup and place your bags and cardboard boxes at your designated pickup location.

3. Tag and track

When our CarbonLoop Collector arrives to pick up your recyclables, your bags are uniquely tagged with a tracking code allowing you to track your recyclables and reward status in real-time.

4. Get rewarded

When your recyclables arrive at our facility, your recyclables are inspected, weighed, and your refund is instantly credited into your CarbonLoop account all from the comfort of your home.