Recycling that actually works

bottles used every
hour in America


trees saved per ton of cardboard recycled


gallons of oil saved per ton of aluminum recycled

660 lbs

of C02 emissions saved per ton of recycled bottles

The Recycling Crisis

In January 2018, China banned the import of most plastics from around the world due to high contamination rates. America has started to incinerate and landfill its recyclables since China’s ban.

Burning or burying these contaminated plastics dumps tons of toxins and carcinogens into the atmosphere.

Most recyclables that go in the curbside bin aren’t being recycled. Items placed inside this bin get commingled with other types of trash and then burned or buried.

Reducing Contamination

With your help, segregation from the start will reduce contamination rates and maintain marketability of the recyclable commodities.

Incentives and Rewards

Your recycling efforts immediately make our world a greener place.

With the CarbonLoop mobile app, take a look at your own carbon offset as well as how your local community is recycling.

CarbonLoop encourages engagement, further recycling efforts, and inspire current users to create sustainable communities.