CarbonLoop's Solution to Today's Recycling Crisis

April 22, 2019

Los Angeles, CA – CarbonLoop is reinventing the way the world recycles with on-demand, mobile technology.

Located in Los Angeles, CarbonLoop’s mission is to help households in California achieve greater sustainability by reinventing the way citizens recycle plastic, glass and aluminum beverage containers along with cardboard boxes.

"When we came up with the idea for CarbonLoop, we wanted to devise a revolutionary way to encourage effective recycling habits and do our part for the environment,” says Bryan Yen, one of CarbonLoop’s founders. “All of our team members are passionate about sustaining our planet through an efficient, user-friendly approach."

California, along with many other US states, doesn’t have any monetary incentives or refunds in place for recycling cardboard. Due to the rise of e-commerce and Amazon shipments, cardboard waste has been increasing at a staggering rate, in fact, “Insights from industry analysts indicate that we are seeing a 30- to 40- percent increase in corrugated containers in the U.S. curbside recycling system.” (Kyla Fisher, a program manager at Ameripen, an industry advocacy group).

Cardboard typically overfills curbside recycling bins and is prone to cross-contamination when tossed together with other recyclables. And yet the benefits of recycling cardboard are well documented: the recycling of a single ton of cardboard saves about 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 5,000 kW of energy and one ton of C02 emissions (“Environmental Impact of Recycling Cardboard”, Recover USA).

While CarbonLoop recognizes the importance of recycling plastic, glass, and aluminum, the company is setting a precedent by tackling the cardboard issue. They provide a convenient, on-demand pickup for eligible recyclables without the client having to leave their home. Pickup is scheduled through an easy-to-use and customized mobile app. Through using the app, households are enabled to redeem money for their eligible recyclables.

“We hope that by using CarbonLoop, we will help residents divert waste from landfills and the ocean, while instilling the ease of recycling into busy lifestyles,” says Yen. “We deeply believe that by utilizing convenient technology and incentives for recycling efforts, we are completely reinventing the way the world disposes of their materials.”

CarbonLoop provides users with a convenient and efficient method of recycling that includes a host of benefits to users and the environment:

  • Redemption of eligible beverage containers for refund value from the comfort of their own home
  • Segregation from the start will reduce cross-contamination rates and maintain marketability of the recyclable commodities
  • Pickups are uniquely labeled to enable users to track the status of their recyclables and payment details
  • View recycling history to understand how their efforts are positively impacting the environment
  • Gamification inspires further recycling efforts of users and their family/friend circles
  • Option to donate earnings to charitable causes
  • And so much more!

Currently, CarbonLoop is discussing potential partnerships with CalRecycle and local jurisdictions within the greater Los Angeles to initiate a pilot program by the end of summer/beginning of fall 2019.

The company is striving to increase recycling, CRV redemption rates and educational outreach for the pilot jurisdiction. They are seeking investors and sponsorship opportunities with automotive manufacturers for an initial fleet of electric utility vans.

For more information about the company, or to learn more about further initiatives and projects, please visit

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